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Hi there!

This is an unofficial site for people that love this festival already or will later on! This site has been lovingly maintained out of personal time over the years, kinda like confest itself, without all the smelly bits heh heh.

There's heaps of confest photos for you to see. There are articles like the Tips for first time confesters that hopefully be of use for somebody! For your convenience, these site updates will be included in this Confest RSS Feed.

You can connect with other festival goers who enjoy this site in the Confest Community section, where you can find friends and read your confest messages to each other. The latest activity of the Confest Community on this site can be seen at the Community Activity, at the bottom left of this page.

For Community Discussions, there is a Confest Forum, containing the all-important lift offers / lift requests. You can read the recent discussions and if you have any suggestions about what would be useful please give feedback about this site.

Please enjoy this site! I will adding content here and then, so please feel free to pop in and enjoy the updates :)



Another splendid easter holiday spent back home at Moulamein {gallery}http://www.flickr.com/photos/spinferno/sets/72157644199770555/{/gallery}

Another splendid easter holiday spent back home at Moulamein

Heya confesties,

If you're feelin' loved up from another splendid Easter Confest but still wanna hang out after the festival, please consider attending gatherings in your capital city.

Victorian confesters have the option of attending St Andrew's Market which is a lovely saturday market often host to a surge lovely confest folk in the week after each Confest.

Nice must flow!

Laughter, smiles and connection at Confest during Easter 2012 {gallery}http://www.flickr.com/photos/spinferno/sets/72157629776595323/{/gallery}

Heya, Confest goers!

Easter Confest 2012 has been confirmed to go ahead next week despite being in what seemed to be a touch and go period due to floods.

Photo courtesy of Storm
Photo of 2012 Easter festival conditions courtesy of Storm (Thanks mate!)

Floods have reached the site and have impacted on where you will be able to camp this easter. Your friendly neighbourhood Site Manager, Storm, helpfully advises that:

"Hi Bill, this is were we are at, the river has peaked at 4.57 metres, the lower camping areas close to the river are flooded as is the arts village has been moved to higher ground, as for the ground, it is dry at present but if we get more rain , ther will be proplems.
we have a major issue with mozzies up hear so come prepared, hope this has helped."

So please let the joy of the festival going ahead be tempered with adequate preparations against mozzies lessening the fun any!

As of a week before the festival, Storm has advised that mud is now another consideration for those who prefer settling down near the river:

"The flooding is going down leaving a lot of mud behind so a lot of the areas near the river wont be able to be used."

Please pass this information from the site crew along to others look out for one another in these areas!
Lastly, the site crew have been very busy setting up a nice space for us - please respect their wishes to arrive no earlier than Thursday Noon (April 5th).

Finally, listen to the drums calling... It's time to come back home to Confest, folks!

Days of sweaty, content bliss in the Aussie bush.
More will be uploaded as time permits... enjoy them :)

If you are attending confest for the first time and are are approaching the festival from the eastern side of the festival's front gate, it might be a little tricky to spot the left turn after 73km, particularly when it's getting late.

If that's you, hit the 'read more' link to view the exact location of the front gate of the confest worooma site on an interactive, zoom-scaling map.

JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use Google Maps.
However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser.
To view Google Maps, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, and then try again.

If you are arriving late, please know that could be asked to leave your vehicle at the gate in the interests of safety.

The official directions from the official DTE site is here:


Despite there being a long history of supervised firetwirling activities at Confest, recent developments have led to there being no firetwirling permitted at this summer’s event . The primary reason for this development has been a change of insurance policy. Further information has been kindly provided from one of our new DTE Directors, Amanda L. If you enjoy watching or performing firedancing at confest, the following will affect you.

What is permitted?

If you wish to twirl, practice is permitted however doing so with fire will not be permitted.
Amanda sums it up as: “There can be twirling, but no burning”
If you are keen on twirling at night, my suggestion would be that playing with the electronic or glow equipment will not breach the terms of DTE’s insurance.

Will this always be the case?

The constraint against firetwirling will be in effect for the duration of the current policy. In light of this, Amanda confirms that there will be an attempt next year to seek out a policy that with less exclusions, adding finally that "such a policy will be far more expensive, which would naturally lead to a hike in our ticket prices. So we need to consider everything carefully, and will be doing so prior to Easter 2012.
I'd like to thank the fire community in advance for their cooperation, as we all want ConFest to continue successfully, and are working hard to make this happen, for the fire community and all ConFesters.
A special thank you to you Bill, and to Michael Williams, for showing so much maturity and understanding in a difficult situation."

Can I bring my own insurance?

I have asked for the possibility of exemption for firetwirling under my own performers’ public liability insurance and was unable to obtain such an exemption. Amanda clarifies: “Our insurance prohibits fire-twirling full stop. Unfortunately we cannot get third party to cover it, and also, like other things on the policy, even if performers had their own insurance, it may result in our insurance rejecting any claim on the basis we have broken a condition on our policy.”
So if you were thinking about asking the same, please be advised that personal coverage will not suffice.
Ultimately, if we accept that fire twirling is not permitted for at least a while, it is up to each of us to comply with DTE’s wishes so that firetwirlers as a whole can be seen as co-operative and safety-conscious. This has the practical benefit of allowing us the best chance for this colourful art form to return to Confest

What Happens now?

For the latest information regarding firetwirling and other conditions at Easter Confest 2012, please visit the following Easter 2012 updates page: Easter Confest 2012

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